Wednesday, 21 September 2016

spontaneity and a playlist.


My word of the month. So exciting. So s p o n t a n e o u s. Let's act. Just go. Live.

Last Wednesday I did something so utterly spontaneous and so utterly freeing. Meeting a stranger can be incredibly daunting (will they like me? will it be awkward? what happens if we don't connect?) which is exactly why I didn't give myself a chance to feel nervous. I just did.

And now I'm going to just do.

Below are a few snaps of my London adventure with my new Dutch friend Sophie. And some very spontaneous songs to dance around to.  Urgh. I am now entirely in love with spontaneity and quite possibly even more addicted to adventure...

(above was taken on Ciara's 18th... we  slept in this beautiful tent and got a little bit drunk prank calling pizza places like 9 year olds)

All pictures were taken from my instagram (oceanpainter_) Do give the songs a try- they are so inspiring. 

Be spontaneously spontaneous in moments that beg for spontaneity,

(let me know below any post ideas... I've got a few autumn ideas eek)

Sunday, 11 September 2016

self + faces.


There's a lot of self in this world, both online and not. Self esteem. Self belief. Self confidence. Yet as our self____  makes us smile,  it tears others down. Whilst their self____ radiates, we doubt ours. It's a vicious cycle and I hate it. I.

Have you ever looked a girl and thought, wow she's beautiful without automatically thinking, wow I'm not. Or wow, she's prettier then me. Hotter than me. Better than me... until you've reduced yourself to a lesser being. I know I have. We are such a critical race and criticise we shall. Everything. Our eyebrow shape, the size of our eyes, lips, skin, hair, teeth. Everything that ticks the box of 'human'. Scrolling through tumblr, I will see picture upon picture of beautiful girls. 'Beautiful'.

And yet they all look different. Beauty is so broad; why the hell can't you fit in to it too? And when I look at these girls I don't feel self belief or self confidence or self esteem. I feel self doubt. The same way every single person behind the camera would feel self doubt at seeing another 'beautiful' face. It's so sad that we can't appreciate beauty without criticising our own. That we can't say you're beautiful without thinking of our self.

I want to challenge us to compliment; to love other beauty and self love our own. Let's bring everyone up (including ourselves). Faces appreciating faces. That- that's beautiful.

As always, replies are welcome.